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Meet Tchia and David. Originally a lawyer and Businessman of a family business, parents of five successful sons. Tchia and David had a dream for years, you could say it was the number one item on their bucket list - go and live in a ranch. They waited for the children to grow and in 2004, they first heard about the possibility of establishing a ranch in the Negev. They decided to go for it.


They left the city life and started from scratch. David single-handedly built a small wooden cabin and they lived there for a whole year without electricity or running water.


Tchia and David, the dreamer and the Realiser, Built a small beautiful Cottage, horse ranch with four horses and a donkey. From dawn till dusk Tchia takes care of them and they return her love. 
Planted fruit trees to eat - figs, carob and pomegranate, olive trees which produce award-winning olive oil. Chicken coop for eggs, cats who handle snakes and scorpions, guarding dogs and peacocks for the soul. One big family (very big).

When their youngest son, Guy, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, they carved a synagogue in rock (!).


If that's not enough, they decided there should be a lake. Lake!!! They brought tractors to dig in the ground and filled the hole with water for two weeks! Now there's a beautiful lake, a source of life for animals and Vegetation.


Now they live there. A true paradise. Grow olive trees and hosts tourists, intellectuals, people from all around the world, the security forces - everyone arrives to get to know the real pioneers, salt of the earth, who work the land, but also the mind and soul. True Zionism.

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